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General Treatment

At Grape Lakes Family Dental we provide comprehensive dental treatment for our patients. Our goal is to help you maintain a healthy smile and we even bring in specialists to our office so you don’t have to travel. We believe that complete oral health includes regular hygiene visits, regular check-ups and maintaining your home oral health care routine. 

We provide all your health care needs from cleanings to full mouth restoration. Drs. Labrecque and Charles along with their staff are highly trained to provide you the best care for all our oral health care needs.  

Teeth Cleanings

teeth cleaning clifton ny

We recommend having a routine dental cleaning twice a year, where plaque is removed from your teeth especially in the places where tooth brushes can’t reach, like underneath the gum line and in-between teeth. After the plaque is removed your teeth will be cleaned and fluoride is applied to help protect your teeth. 

The use of fluoride benefits your oral health, according to studies, a moderate by consistent exposure of fluoride to teeth helps to strengthen the structure of the tooth and prevent future decay. 

Contact our office today if it’s time for your semi-annual cleaning! 

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A “filling” is used to restore the tooth structure that has been damaged due to decay or has been fractured. We use tooth-colored resin or porcelain materials for fillings which eliminates the hazard of metal/amalgam fillings that contain traces of mercury. At Grape Lakes Family Dental we can replace your old amalgam/metal fillings to remove the unhealthy material.

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Crowns and Bridges


When a tooth has been damaged, cracked or decayed a custom-made crown is a covering that fits over the tooth to protect it from further damage. A crown can be made up of different materials like porcelain, acrylic resin, gold or a combination of the materials. The most natural looking is porcelain; however, it has proven to be less durable.

The typical treatment plan for a crown placement includes:
dental crowns bridges clifton ny

  • An impression of your teeth is made to create a custom-made crown (typically takes two weeks and two office visits)Re-sculpturing the tooth to provide an ideal fit for the crown.
  • The tooth is numbed to Numbing the tooth and removing the decay in and around it.
  • Re-shaping the tooth to create an ideal fit for the crown.
  • A temporary crown is placed onto the tooth during the interim period while the custom crown is being made
  • The temporary crown is remove and the custom-made crown is placed onto the tooth.
  • When the crown is properly placed it will then be cemented into place. 

A crown placement is done over a two-week period and typically two office visits. With proper oral hygiene, that includes daily brushing and flossing your crowns can last a long time, in some cases over ten years. 


If you’re missing one or more of your teeth, a bridge can fill the space and restore your smile. Bridges can be fixed or removable and replace missing teeth with artificial teeth.

A bridge may be used to prevent a shifting of the teeth, due to a missing tooth, leading to bite problems that can result in periodontal disease. Bridges can also protect the whole mouth, by helping to maintain a vibrant and healthy smile. 

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Root Canals

A root canal is a procedure that extracts the decayed pulp, cleans and disinfects the central part of the tooth and then fills the tooth and seals it closed. A root canal treatment can preserve the tooth when the damage has surpassed what a filling can treat. 

The following steps walk you through a root canal procedure: 

  • Anesthesia is administered to the patient
  • The tooth is isolated with a dental dam 
  • The infected or dead dental pulp is removed by an opening in the tooth 
  • The tooth is cleaned and disinfected 
  • The canal is reshaped and prepped for the filling
  • Using biocompatible filling materials, the canal is filled in 

The doctors at Grape Lakes Family Dental understand each patient has individual needs and will discuss the details of each treatment and any available options. Our number one focus is you and providing the best dental care. 

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Tooth Extractions

General Extractions

In cases where the primary tooth is preventing the permanent tooth from a normal eruption, or the tooth has suffered trauma or severe tooth decay and cannot be repaired, if the patient has gum disease or a tooth is impacted, then extractions are sometimes necessary. Extractions can either be completed surgically or non-surgically depending on the case. To ensure comfort a mild anesthesia is used during the procedure. 

Wisdom Teeth Extractions

wisdom tooth extraction clifton ny

The third molars or your “wisdom teeth” typically appear during your late teens or early twenties. Because of the late eruption, there is often not enough space for the tooth to fully come through. When the space is limited this is called “impacted”, this can cause damage to the adjacent teeth along with crowding. 

A wisdom tooth that cannot push through the gums, can become inflamed under the gums and in the jawbone. This inflammation causes a sac to develop around the tooth’s root and is filled with liquid. If the sac becomes infected, then it can create a cyst or an abscess. Serious damage to the underlying bone and surrounding teeth and tissue will result if this is untreated.  

To avoid this situation, the extraction of one or all of your wisdom teeth may be the treatment option for you. Drs. Labrecque and Charles will discuss your case and answer any questions you may have. 

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